What is future prospects of being a Django developer in India?

What is future prospects of being a Django developer in India?

What is future prospects of being a Django developer in India?  Nalinee Choudhary
Posted on May 22, 2017, 12:30 p.m.

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Apart from Training Django, due to increasing corporate requirement I am given assignments to interview candidates for Python & Django. Sharing my understanding of entire scenario from candidates prospective or corporate prospective.

Corporate Prospective - Companies looking for transition to open-source technologies from .NET based frameworks. What they typically want is candidates with hands-on django with good grip on python. They want people with Django + AngularJS + Spark/Big Data . AngularJS makes them full stack developer. These companies wants to leverage Big Data technologies to store & process data ( This skill is icing on the cake ). As of now companies are not getting folks with decent Django experts with 2+ years of experience. The question that still goes answerless is - 'How to add objects in a set, such that no same data containing objects are added'.

Candidate Prospective - The companies mainly looking for people who can be productive from week 2 onwards. They should know middleware stuffs,modeling etc.  Very few candidates have such profile, they are expecting a bomb salary. Others didn't get a chance to gather expertise. As a candidate, go a bit deeper into django concepts, deep dive into object oriented python, some angularjs stuff - like integrate angularjs with django templates is regular question. Read about Big Data concepts - most tech stuff is now incomplete without them.

In a nutshell, companies need people for django & solid python. On a regular java walkin I see some 200+ walkin, on other hand python-django walking I see 5-6 people. There is a serious mismatch. Apart from mid-level companies, Django is quite popular among startup. They are ready to pay almost anything for a candidate with proper hands-on & knowledge base.

Passionate about Technology and Training, she took up teaching technology courses at a very early stage of her career. She is a visiting faculty at some of the leading Technology Colleges. She has already trained more than 1000+ professionals and students from various colleges and companies including Ola, PayTM, TCS, Accenture, Infosys, IBM, Zomato and many more. Her area of interests are technologies like Python, Django, JAVA, Android, Web Application Development, Angular 2, UI Development, SQL/PLSQL and others.

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