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Best Blockchain Certification-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

Best Blockchain Certification Training

Best Blockchain Certification Course: A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger cryptocurrency transactions. Transactions such as the exchange of assets or data are recorded in distributed blocks which are shared among the participants in the blockchain network. All the confirmed and validated transaction blocks are linked and chained from the beginning of the chain to the most current block. Every record in the distributed ledger has a timestamp and unique cryptographic signature, thus making the ledger an auditable, immutable history of all transactions in the network.Blockchain was implemented first time as part of digital currency bitcoin. In future blockchain can be used to develop the application for finance, supply chain, healthcare, IOT domain using platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger
Best Blockchain Certification-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
Best Blockchain Certification-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
Industry Level Projects
Best Blockchain Certification-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

Best Blockchain Certification Course Curriculum

Introduction to Block Chain
Types of blockchain
CAP theorem and blockchain
Decentralization using blockchain
Routes to decentralization
Smart contracts
Platforms for decentralization
Working with the OpenSSL command line
Cryptographic primitives
Asymmetric cryptography
Financial markets and trading
The Bitcoin network
Bitcoin payments
Bitcoin installation
Theoretical foundations
Ricardian contracts
The Ethereum network
Programming languages
Test networks
Starting up the private network
Interfacing using Web3
Projects under Hyperledger
The reference architecture
Blockchain in IOT

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide classroom-based as well as online training. Since this is a hand-on training so batches generally does not contain more than 4 people.

We will provide web services specific study material as the course progresses. You will have lifetime access to all the code and basic settings needed for these Continuous Integration with Atlassian Tools through our github account and the study material that we share with you. You can use that for quick reference.

Feel free to drop a mail to us at and we will get back to you at the earliest for your queries on Continuous Integration with Atlassian Tools course

We have tie ups with various companies and placement organizations to whom we connect our learners. Each Blockchain Development Certification Training in Bangalore ends with career consulting

Minimum 2-3 projects of industry standards on Continuous Integration with Atlassian Tools will be provided

Yes, we provide our own course completion certificate to all students. Each Blockchain Development Certification Training in Bangalore in bangalore ends with training and project completion certificate

You can pay by card (debit/credit), cash, cheque and net-banking. You can pay in two installments

We take immense pride to provide post training career consulting for Blockchain Development Certification Training in Bangalore

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