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best software training institute in bangalore

Advanced Python Programming

Functional Programming, Object Oriented Programming, OS, Web Scraping, Automation

As more & more companies are moving towards automation, Python is invariably their first choice. Python is rich with lot of libraries to ease your development. In this advanced course, we dig deeper into functional programming for big data technologies like spark & data science. Scraping data from websites is one of the widely used application of python. Object Oriented Programming & system programming can be done with Python. We also provide consulting of product design along with training.Increase your workforce productivity. Python enables your workforce to integrate lot of technologies.

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Big Data & Hadoop


Hadoop has been replacing traditional systems for sometime now. If you are planning to train your workforce on the same, we can help you with that.Complete training to migrate from traditional systems to Hadoop. Hand's on all Big Data tools. Avail our expertise on data migration. Deployment specific training can be offered.

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Spark 2.0 using Scala/Python

RDD, DataFrames, SQL, Machine Learning, Streaming

Definately, one of the hottest technology since 2016. If you a ETL company, doing lot of continues application interacting with various data sources - Spark can solve lot of your deployment headaches with ease & simplicity. You can learn Spark with Scala or Python. We can provide required consultation for your product & recommand what works best. Architectures like lambda or kafka makes designing complex system easier.

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Data Science using Python

NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Machine Learning

If you are one of those companies who have already mastered data storage technologies, data science enables you to derive conclusions out of it. Data Science enables you to take more calculated business calls. Earlier, this was a field done only through R or SAS. Now, with amazing libraries provided by python - doing data science has become lot easier. Finding reasonable data sciece workforce from external recruitment can be a challenge, why don't you train your own staff.

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Machine-Learning with Python using scikit-learn & tensorflow

Pipeline, Cross-validation, Hyper-parameter, Classification, Regression, Clustering, Neural Networks, Deep Learning

This is a super advanced Machine Learning Course with complete hand's on coding building machine learning models using scikit-learn & tensorflow - Google's machine learning library suited for deep learning. If you are a data science company, this might be the perfect ingredient to take your workforce to next level for creating market differentiater product.A long list of projects will be done in this course.

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Amazon Web Services

Foundation, Identity Access Management, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Database on AWS, VPC, Application Service

This is a very comprehensive, highly customised & practical oriented course to migrate your engineers to AWS. We have AWS certified trainers & consultants to help in migrations. AWS have been disruptive with around 70% market share. It might be the best time to ride into AWS wave.

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Common Infrastructure, Cloud Computing with AWS, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Python

DevOps is no Ops. System Operations are no more the same anymore. Servers have now migrated to cloud. Skillset required are not very different. This training is to ramp up employeess to DevOps. Ease you complex deployment with DevOps. This complete hand's on course will definately cut down your operational expanses. Additionaly, we also consult for migrating from traditional system.

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Web Development Using Django - Development to Deployment

Models, Views, Template, URLs, ModelForms,

Web Development using Django has picked up big time. If you are planning to train your workforce for rapid web application deployment, Django will definately be first choice. Our Django curriculam will take candidates through a rigorous web application development exercise with more than five industry level projects.

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Mastering Angular

Components, Templates, Databinding, Directives, Routing, Pipes, Http, Angular CLI, Unit Testing

Angular is one of the most popular UI framework. If you are planning to train your UI developers to be able to deliver better web designs for your product or your clients, we provider latest & comprehensive course to master Angular. Along with course, consultation on on-going projects will also be provided.

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Scala In Depth

Foundation, Pattern Matching, Implicits, Functional Programming, Traits, Collections, Meta-programming

Functional Programming like Scala is getting lot of popularity. Spark is one thing fueling this up. And, let's agree with one more thing. Scala is not easiest language to self-learn. And, this is where our course curriculam comes into picture. Our course includes, lot of scala programming exercises for foundation building. Also, deep insight of advanced concepts are also provided. All frameworks based on Scala can be trained additionally.

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