Artificial Intelligence-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial Intelligence Course:

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly relevant in the modern world where everything is driven by data and automation. It is used extensively in many fields such as image recognition, robotics, search engines, and self-driving cars. In this Artificial Intelligence training at Bangalore, we will explore various real-world scenarios. We will start by talking about various realms of artificial intelligence. We’ll then move on to discuss more complex algorithms, such as Extremely Random Forests, Hidden Markov Models, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, and Convolutional Neural Networks, and so on. This artificial intelligence course is for Python programmers looking to use artificial intelligence algorithms to create real-world applications. This artificial intelligence course is friendly to Python beginners, but familiarity with Python programming would certainly be helpful so you can play around with the code. It is also useful to experienced Python programmers who are looking to implement artificial intelligence techniques.

Artificial Intelligence-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
Artificial Intelligence-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
Industry Level Projects
Artificial Intelligence-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

Artificial Intelligence Course Curriculum

What is not Machine Learning
Types of ML - Supervised, Unsupervised
Unsupervised - Clustering, Association
Introduction to NumPy
Introduction to Pandas
Loading CSV,JSON
Descriptive Statistics
Handling Missing Data
Handling Duplicates
Merge, Join & Concatenate
Normalizing JSON
Essential Linear Algebra
Mean, Median, Mode, Quantile
Introduction to matplotlib, plotly, bokeh, tablue
Title, Labels, Legends, Grid, colormap, xticks, yticks
Sub Plotting
Plotting distributions
Simple Linear Regression using Ordinary Least Squares
Regularized Regression Methods - Ridge, Lasso, ElasticNet
OnLine Learning Methods - Stochastic Gradient Descent & Passive Aggrasive
Polynomial Regression
Application - House Price, Cancer Prediction, Insurance Prediction
Introduction to Preprocessing
Encoding Categorical (Ordinal & Nominal) Features
Polynomial Features
Text Processing
Image using skimage
Introduction to Decision Trees
Decision Tree for Classification
Advantages & Limitations of Decision Trees
Introduction Bayes' Theorm
Gaussian Naive Bayes
Burnolis' Naive Bayes
Application - Text Classification
Introduction to Composite Estimators
Application - Author classification
Cross Validation
Model Evaluation
Validation Curves
Introduction to Feature Selection
Chi-squared stats
Univariate Linear Regression Tests using f_regression
Mutual Information for discrete value
Application - Credit Risk Prediction
Fundamentals of Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Nearest Neighbors for Classification
Nearest Centroid Classifier
Introduction to Unsupervised Learning
Similarity or Distance Calculation
Types of Clustering Methods
Hierarchial Clustering - Agglomerative
Measuring Performance of Clusters
Application - Grouping similar customers
What are Outliers ?
Using Gaussian Mixture Models
Isolation Forest
Using clustering method like DBSCAN
Introduction to Support Vector Machines
Soft Margin Classifier
SVM for Regression
Application - Face recognition
What are imbalanced classes & their impact ?
Making classification algorithm aware of Imbalance
Application - Fraud detection
Introduction to Ensemble Methods
Understanding distance vector calculation - cosine, euclidean, manhatten
Recommendation based on similarity
Credit Risk Prediction
Face Generation
Network Spam detection
Cloth Type Prediction
Customer Churn Prediction

Frequently Asked Questions

This "Artificial Intelligence" course is an instructor-led training (ILT). The trainer travels to your office location and delivers the training within your office premises. If you need training space for the training we can provide a fully-equipped lab with all the required facilities. The online instructor-led training is also available if required. Online training is live and the instructor's screen will be visible and voice will be audible. Participants screen will also be visible and participants can ask queries during the live session.

Participants will be provided "Artificial Intelligence"-specific study material. Participants will have lifetime access to all the code and resources needed for this "Artificial Intelligence". Our public GitHub repository and the study material will also be shared with the participants.

All the courses from zekeLabs are hands-on courses. The code/document used in the class will be provided to the participants. Cloud-lab and Virtual Machines are provided to every participant during the "Artificial Intelligence" training.

The "Artificial Intelligence" training varies several factors. Including the prior knowledge of the team on the subject, the objective of the team learning from the program, customization in the course is needed among others. Contact us to know more about "Artificial Intelligence" course duration.

The "Artificial Intelligence" training is organised at the client's premises. We have delivered and continue to deliver "Artificial Intelligence" training in India, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. We also have state-of-art training facilities based on client requirement.

Our Subject matter experts (SMEs) have more than ten years of industry experience. This ensures that the learning program is a 360-degree holistic knowledge and learning experience. The course program has been designed in close collaboration with the experts working in esteemed organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and similar others.

Yes, absolutely. For every training, we conduct a technical call with our Subject Matter Expert (SME) and the technical lead of the team that undergoes training. The course is tailored based on the current expertise of the participants, objectives of the team undergoing the training program and short term and long term objectives of the organisation.

Drop a mail to us at [email protected] or call us at +91 8041690175 and we will get back to you at the earliest for your queries on "Artificial Intelligence" course.

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