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DevOps - Pro Training

DevOps - Pro Course: DevOps is a combination of software development and operations—and as its name suggests, it's a melding of these two disciplines in order to emphasize communication, collaboration, and cohesion between the traditionally separate developer and IT operations teams. The DevOps methodology recognizes the interdependence of the two groups, by integrating these functions as one team or department, DevOps helps an organization deploy software more frequently, while maintaining service stability and gaining the speed necessary for more innovation. This is one of the most sought after course now in IT industry. A perfect fit for workforce from system operations, production engineer etc. to upgrade their skill-set. A 45 hrs comprehensive course which could easily take you to next level.
DevOps - Pro-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
DevOps - Pro-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
Industry Level Projects
DevOps - Pro-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

DevOps - Pro Course Curriculum

What is Devops, Definition, Roles, Necessities, Problems & Solutions
Devops cloud computing
Networking Concepts from an enterprise prospective
Getting what you need
Introduction to Web Servers
Understand High Availability
Scalability and Elasticity
DevOps Automation
Configure SVN or Git for version control
Overview of Jenkins for Build and deployments
Automated deployment tools
Difference between Virtual Machine and containers
Introduction to the Cloud Virtualization
Various logging tools, Understand System auditing
Overview of Cloud-Computing
Overview of AWS
Overview of Services of AWS
Console and All about IAM
Creating AWS IAM Groups
Creating AWS IAM Policies
Introduction of EC2
Security Groups Basics
Introduction to Autoscaling
Features of S3Storage
Uploading Files to S3
Import/Export (Snowball)
Introduction to AWS Databases
Backups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas
Python Environment
Executing Python
Scripting Mode
Python Identifiers
Lines and Indentation
Multiple Assignment
Data Type Conversion
Comparison Operators
Bitwise Operators
Membership Operators
Operators Precedence
IF...ELIF...ELSE Statements
Python Loops
Continue statement
Python Numbers
Trigonometric function
Built in string methods
Indexing and slicing
Python Tuples
Python Functions
Function Arguments
Python Modules
Git Basics
Cloning Repositories
Git Commands
Logging on git
Working with Github
Overview of Jenkins and Continuous Integration
Create Our First Jenkins Job
Configure Jenkins to Work with Git
Node and Master-slave Configuration
Admin tasks and Do’s and Donts.
What is Chef?
Chef Server
Chef Cookbook
Introduction to Docker
The Container Lifecycle
Redirection - Ports and Volumes
Docker Architecture
Base Images
Working With Multiple Images
Running Container Commands With Docker
Saving and Loading Docker Images
Pushing to Docker Hub
Deploying a fault tolerant Website on Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

We have options for classroom-based as well as instructor led live online training. The online training is live and the instructors screen will be visible and voice will be audible. Your screen will also be visible and you can ask queries during the live session.

The training on "DevOps - Pro" course is a hands-on training. All the code and exercises will be done in the live sessions. Our batch sizes are generally small so that personalized attention can be given to each and every learner.

We will provide course-specific study material as the course progresses. You will have lifetime access to all the code and basic settings needed for this "DevOps - Pro" through our GitHub account and the study material that we share with you. You can use that for quick reference

Feel free to drop a mail to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest for your queries on "DevOps - Pro" course.

We have tie-ups with a number of hiring partners and and placement assistance companies to whom we connect our learners. Each "DevOps - Pro" course ends with career consulting and guidance on interview preparation.

Minimum 2-3 projects of industry standards on "DevOps - Pro" will be provided.

Yes, we provide course completion certificate to all students. Each "DevOps - Pro" training ends with training and project completion certificate.

You can pay by card (debit/credit), cash, cheque and net-banking. You can also pay in easy installments. You can reach out to us for more information.

We take pride in providing post-training career consulting for "DevOps - Pro".

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DevOps - Pro-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
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DevOps - Pro-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
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