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Continuous Learning
Our continuous learning program helps to keep teams updated with the changes in industry.
Customized Training
We specialize in developing customized training for upskilling needs of the workforce.
Skillset Assessment
Program includes an evaluation component which is conducted online to help quantify learnings.
L&D Consulting
We spend quality time identifying your goals & objectives, interviewing key stakeholders.
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Applied Data Science Trainings

These are super specialization courses on top of our data science courses. All these courses are conducted in our Bangalore office and we also visit client
locations for trainings like machine learning training, Data science training etc. across different parts of the world. We have Face Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Chatbot Development & Robotics, machine learning course as our top courses in our offerings. These courses expect learners to be experts in data science courses mentioned below. Face Recognition ends with an industry grid project for face detection with deployment details. Text processing is one of the areas many companies are working & there are many unsolved problems. This machine learning course takes you through deep dive into all concepts to final deployment. Chatbot Development is one area where we see many startups taking a dip, we can help you build your product from scratch & touching all the nuances. AI industry is shaping big time for robotics, we are the first one to offer such courses.
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Data Science & Machine Learning Trainings

These are the courses where your journey to the AI ecosystem starts. Right from understanding business problem to getting the data, cleaning it, structuring it
to right shape & finally applying machine learning algorithm on it - everything is discussed in detail. These courses need a good understanding of math and we give due importance to it. We conduct instructor-led live sessions in Bangalore. We also travel to client location for corporate machine learning training and other trainings upon requirement. Machine learning course involves real-time case studies with challenges faced in production, discussed in detail by the industry experts. We provide machine learning training using TensorFlow and H2O. The curriculum of machine learning training includes understanding different types of machine learning algorithms, machine learning pipeline and much more. Apart from these, the machine learning course also takes a deep dive into Numpy, Pandas in machine learning, Linear Models for Classification & Regression, etc. Deep Learning courses are one of the best courses offered in Bangalore. All these courses end with deployment skills. The courses below are prerequisites before taking super specialization courses.
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Cloud Computing Trainings

The best time to move to the cloud was yesterday, the second-best time is now. Most of the companies have already moved some part of their workload to the
cloud. In this series of courses, we offer not only the beginner level courses but also advanced level courses. zekeLabs provides courses on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google cloud platform, Openstack, and other cloud services. These courses are provided either in our Bangalore office or at the client location such as Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon, Southeast Asia, and multiple other locations across the world. The courses include cloud certification courses for both Associate levels as well as Expert/Professional levels for roles such as Cloud Solutions Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud SysOps, Cloud Administrator, Cloud Data Engineer, Cloud DevOps for Azure, AWS, Google. Training for Cloud Automation using tools such as Terraform, Cloud Data warehouses, Cloud Migration, Big Data services, and other cloud-native technologies are also covered. Most of the cloud trainings for corporates are customized based on the requirements of the organization.
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DevOps Trainings

DevOps is transforming the way software is designed, developed, tested, deployed and monitored. DevOps is not only a set of tools and technologies but a
whole cultural change. zekeLabs is mentoring various enterprises to adopt the ways of DevOps by training and upskilling their teams on various tools, technologies, processes and cultural aspects of DevOps. Since every organization uses different tools and technologies to adopt DevOps culture, zekeLabs provides various training programs for enterprises as well as startups. Training programs for DevOps includes training on DevOps tools and technologies for source code management systems, CI/CD tools, test automation tools, build automation tools, deployment tools, monitoring tools. Various DevOps trainings for managers focus on the processes and business aspects of DevOps. Corporate training for Microservices based technologies and various cloud-native tools such as Docker and Kubernetes are provided by zekeLabs with a hands-on approach. These DevOps training are delivered at the client location or in our Bangalore office. Our subject matter experts can travel to your location to deliver the trainings.
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Big Data Trainings

The growth of data in the last decade has been exponential. Big data technologies evolve fast. The journey to a Big data ecosystem starts from fundamental
concepts like Hadoop & then spans to technologies like Spark, Cassandra, Kafka & much more. We conduct live courses in our Bangalore office. We also visit client locations across different geographic locations. Spark & Kafka are one of the most trending technologies in the Big Data Ecosystem. All these courses start with the concepts of distributed computing. Debugging is another skill set that is very important for folks working in the big data ecosystem, these courses focus on those aspects apart from deployment challenges. These Big data courses are taught by industry experts.
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Frontend Trainings

Web Development technologies are very dynamic. There are not only various new front-end technologies but even in the existing technologies new versions
are coming with entirely new features. This makes it necessary to get your team up to the speed for all the latest and coolest front-end technologies/features. zekeLabs provides corporate training on various web development technologies in general and front-end technologies in specific. On the foundational side, zekeLabs provides training on technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript on the advanced side it covers technologies such as Angular, React, Redux and many more. The corporate training on front end technologies is delivered in Bangalore as well as at client locations such as southeast Asia, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and many more. Other than as a standalone technology the front-end technologies are combined with back-end technologies to provide full-stack development training. These trainings are prepared with the collaboration of industry experts and can further be customized based on the requirement of your organization.
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Programming Trainings

Programming languages used in the current IT industry are changing pretty fast. There are many new and fast programming languages, also known as the
languages for the twenty-first century. Adoption of languages such as Python, Go, Node JS has been phenomenal. zekeLabs provides corporate training on various programming languages delivered by the experts having deep expertise in the programming domain. Along with the foundational programming language training, the related Data structures of the languages, use-cases, best practices of programming are also covered in every programming language training. The corporate training for programmings language is delivered at Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon, across southeast Asia. These trainings can be customized for the domain in which participants are working. These domains could be data sciences, automation, application development, web development and many more. Programming languages trainings are customized based on the discussion with the subject matter experts and a technical representative from your organization.
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Framework Trainings

Frameworks ease a developer's job of building an application. zekeLabs provides trainings on Web development frameworks, Mobile development
frameworks, Microservices development frameworks, IoT frameworks, Big Data frameworks and many more. Corporate training on these frameworks is provided by domain experts with deep expertise. There are some prerequisites before one learns these frameworks, please check them before you take up the training for any of these frameworks. Framework training is delivered at our office location at Bangalore or the client's location across south-east Asia, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc. These framework courses can be clubbed with the required courses on programming languages and courses related to the respective domains. These courses on frameworks can be further customized based on the requirement of your organization after a discussion with our subject matter experts.
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