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Logstash Course:

Logstash is a primary component of the ELK Stack, a popular log analysis platform. Logstash is primarily responsible for aggregating data from different sources, processing it, and sending it down the pipeline. This data is usually indexed in Elasticsearch. Logstash can pull from almost any data source using input plugins. It can do a wide variety of data transformations and enhancements using filter plugins, and ship the data to a large number of destinations using output plugins. Logstash allows you to filter, massage, and shape your data so that it’s easier to work with. In this Logstash course, one starts with installation, configuration and use of Logstash and moves on to advanced topics such as maintaining data resiliency, data transformation, Scaling Logstash, monitoring Logstash, working with various plugins and APIs. Corporate training in Logstash is customized based on the requirement of the organisation. This Logstash training is delivered by our experts at Bangalore as well at client locations across India and South-East Asia in cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more.

Industry Level Projects

Logstash Course Curriculum

Installing Logstash
Parsing Logs with Logstash
Execution Model
Logstash Directory Layout
Running Logstash from the Command Line
Running Logstash on Docker
Running Logstash on Windows
Shutting Down Logstash
Using Package Managers
Minor version upgrade
Structure of a Config File
Using Environment Variables
Multiple Pipelines
Reloading the Config File
Glob Pattern Support
Logstash-to-Logstash Communication
X-Pack monitoring Security and Settings
Managing Logstash
Using Elastic Cloud
Netflow Module
Use ingest pipelines for parsing
Set up Filebeat modules with Kafka and Logstash
Persistent Queues
Performing Core Operations
Extracting Fields and Wrangling Data
Performance Tuning
Tuning and Profiling Logstash Performance
Monitoring UI
Node Info API
Node Stats API
Generating Plugins
Private Gem Repositories
Input plugins
Filter plugins
Troubleshooting Common Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide classroom-based as well as online training. Since this is a hand-on training so batches generally does not contain more than 4 people.

We will provide web services specific study material as the course progresses. You will have lifetime access to all the code and basic settings needed for these Logstash training through our github account and the study material that we share with you. You can use that for quick reference.

Feel free to drop a mail to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest for your queries on Logstash course

We have tie ups with various companies and placement organizations to whom we connect our learners. Each Logstash training ends with career consulting

Minimum 2-3 projects of industry standards on Logstash will be provided

Yes, we provide our own course completion certificate to all students. Each Logstash training in bangalore ends with training and project completion certificate

You can pay by card (debit/credit), cash, cheque and net-banking. You can pay in two installments

We take immense pride to provide post training career consulting for Logstash training

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