React Native-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

React Native Training

React Native Course:

React Native helps you create real and exciting mobile apps with the help of JavaScript only. Just code once, and the React Native apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms which helps to save development time. React Native Framework fills the gap between focusing on a wide marketplace and making the profit. Since the number of iOS users is less as compared to Android users and yet produce more profit, many industries get into the dilemma of whether they should emphasis on making more profit by building iOS apps or building user strength via Android apps only. In this React Native training, one starts with the basics of React Native like creating simple screens, navigating between multiple screens to advanced topics like connecting the application to a backend, accessing platform-specific hardware etc. A hands-on approach is taken in this course to learn React Native, you will be developing a full-fledged React Native application by the end of the course which will run both on Android and iOS. Knowledge of JavaScript, ES5 and ES6 is a must to start this React Native training. This training is delivered by our experts at Bangalore as well at client locations across India and South-East Asia in cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more.

React Native-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
React Native-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
Industry Level Projects
React Native-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

React Native Course Curriculum

What is React-Native
Installing React-Native
Run ios android app using command line
Debug React-Native app
Components Apis
Styling React-Native
Platform Specific Code
Detecting Touches
Improving User experience
Introduction of different library for navigation
Implement Stack Navigation
Implement Drawer Navigation
Explain Different Type of List View Available in React-Native
Implement Search Functionality in List
Compound Components
Higher Order Component(HOC)
Introduction of Design Patterns Available in React
Implement redux
Implement Redux-Saga/Redux-thunk
What is reactive programing
Available libraries for Reactive Programing
Implement reactive programing
Add Third party libraries for react-native
Implement Advance Components like Camera/Video/Sound
Explain different Ways to achieve animation in react-native
Explain Pan Responder
Introduction of Jest
Test component
Explain Accessibility in React-native

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide classroom-based as well as online training. Since this is a hand-on training so batches generally does not contain more than 4 people.

We will provide web services specific study material as the course progresses. You will have lifetime access to all the code and basic settings needed for these React Native training through our github account and the study material that we share with you. You can use that for quick reference.

Feel free to drop a mail to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest for your queries on React Native course

We have tie ups with various companies and placement organizations to whom we connect our learners. Each React Native training ends with career consulting

Minimum 2-3 projects of industry standards on React Native will be provided

Yes, we provide our own course completion certificate to all students. Each React Native training in bangalore ends with training and project completion certificate

You can pay by card (debit/credit), cash, cheque and net-banking. You can pay in two installments

We take immense pride to provide post training career consulting for React Native training

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React Native-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
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React Native-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
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React Native-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
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