What are the various IoT Frameworks?

What are the various IoT Frameworks?  zekeLabs
Posted on July 2, 2020, 9:46 a.m.

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What is IoT?

As the name says IoT means the Internet of things which translates to connecting various devices to the internet. Today we connect our phones and laptops to the internet. Using IoT we can connect even more devices to the internet and reap benefits out of it. Also, IoT devices can transfer data without any human intervention.

What are the IoT frameworks?

Instead of giving a technical or bookish definition, let’s start with an analogy. How does our TV system work? There is a Sender’s antenna that sends an EM wave which is then received by satellite and then the signal is decoded and send back to the receiver antenna which then transforms the EM wave into a suitable form. This whole operation includes senders &  receivers antenna, satellite, and TV. All these components work together for the normal functioning of our TV.

In a similar way, in a system, there are many devices that are connected together via the internet in a framework, such a framework is called an IoT framework.

There are 10 different frameworks in IoTLet’s understand them:

1. KAA IoT:

KAA IoT is one of the most popular internets of things platform available. It is an open-source platform that gives you a free pass of modifying your own small product concept. It is based on customizable microservice architecture. There is no limit to the number of devices that can be interconnected. As KAA is an IoT Framework, therefore, information sharing between various interconnected devices is possible here. Kaa uses well-defined interfaces. Security and Authentication are provided by KAA. It is one of the most flexible IoT Frameworks available.

2. Device Hive IoT:

Device Hive is also an open-source IoT Framework. It is free and being open source makes it modifiable. It supports various libraries like python, java along with android. Device Hive provides various deployment options for Docker and Kubernetes. It provides both public and private cloud resources making it one of the prominent IoT frameworks for companies. It is under the Apache 2.0 license.

3. ThingSpeak IoT:

ThingSpeak provides features to analyze and Visualize the live data stream in the cloud. It works on the popular Matlab software. It has three main principles that are to collect, analyze, and act. Collect is to send data to the cloud. After sending the data one can analyze the data on Matlab, based on this, further action can be taken. Weather prediction and smart farming are some of the instances where the Thingspeak IoT Framework is used.

4. Zetta IoT:

Zetta is also an open-source IoT Framework. It is built on Node.js. They are abstracted as REST APIs. However, the main advantage it provides is reactive programming. It ensures a secure connection between peering servers. A geo-distributed network is established by connecting endpoints such as Linux and Arduino hackers with Heroku. It provides a data-intensive and real-time application platform.

5. Google Cloud Platform:

It is open-source software. It is an end to end platform. Google Cloud IoT Framework is risk-free and has world-class security measures for the protection of your data. It provides both hybrid and multi-cloud features. It is a flexible platform. Cloud IoT core can store a large amount of information which makes it better than others.

6. IBM Watson IoT:

Although IBM Watson is not a free software it is still widely used because it is highly secure and can store a large amount of data just like google cloud. It is based on three principles of securely connect, manage, and analyze. It ensures privacy and very low-risk levels. At the same time businesses can also analyze data through IBM’s advanced analytics.

7. Amazon Web Services IoT:

AWS provides broad IoT Frameworks, cloud computing, and a secure database. It provides multi-layered security like encryption and access to device control data also it continuously audits data. It integrates IoT with Artificial Intelligence which provides in detail analysis. Any number of devices can be used.

8. Oracle IoT:

Oracle is a well known IT company and it provides excellent IoT based services. Oracle services are highly scalable and use robust IoT Technology which runs on Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. It provides end to end security and secure lifetime management. It is compatible with programming environments like Java, Android, C, and Javascript. Oracle’s Artificial intelligence capabilities make it possible to build intelligent IoT solutions.

9. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect:

Cisco Cloud Connect is one of the most popular IoT Frameworks. As cisco is well known for its security services, it provides a robust IoT infrastructure. Cisco kinetic IoT platform takes care of data management. It provides real-time tracking and hence the data can be continuously analyzed. It is mostly used by mobile operators. With Cisco’s world-class security one can easily build its solution.

10. Microsoft Azure IoT:

The communication channel in Microsoft Azure is very secure for sending and receiving data from IoT devices. It is highly scalable with simple integration. It is compatible with the IoT Azure edge. It caters to various industry demands.it provides one of the most robust security mechanism.                  



So these were some of the popular IoT Frameworks available for business to use. Some are open source and can be materialized according to your need. Most of these frameworks are highly secure. By now you will be having a clear understanding of how different IoT frameworks work and the advantages that they present.

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