Why Go is the best programming language for System Programmers?

Why Go is the best programming language for System Programmers?  zekeLabs
Posted on Aug. 8, 2020, 4:03 p.m.

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What is Go/Golang?

Go is a compiled programming language developed by Google. Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson were the minds behind Go. These 3 people designed Golang at Google. Google first designed Golang in the year 2007. It is also known as Golang that is taken from its official website domain name which is, golang.org. Go was designed to help improve productivity in the area if multicore, networked machines, parallel programming, and big codebases. 

There are two very important implementations of Go

  1. Google self-hosts the compiler toolchain which will target multiple operating systems, mobile devices, and Web assemblies as well. 
  2. Gccgo, a GCC frontend.


Characteristics of Golang

  1. Just like the C++ language, it provides static typing and great run-time efficiency.
  2. Like Python and JavaScript, it provides better readability and usability.
  3. Go is built for high-performance networking and multiprocessing. 


Advantages of using Go for System programming

  1. It has a very fast execution time as compared to other high-level programming languages. 
  2. It is very easy to learn and write as compared to other computer languages. 
  3. It has a built-in standard library for concurrency and all the required stuff like async that you didn't want to write. Many other programming languages support concurrencies that very difficult to manage as compared to the Go. The syntax of the Go language is very easy to write and learn as compared to other languages. Go has Go-Channels for managing concurrency. Golang's channel is rated among the bests as it is very fast and light-weight.
  4. Go is statically typed, not dynamically typed. Dynamic typing is very easy to write as compared to static typing, but technical debt starts piling up. If you use Dynamic typing, you won’t be able to follow what stuff is being passed anymore, and debugging becomes really hard.
  5. Resource-wise Go is cheaper than the other computer languages like Python. It is much faster to code with, it has small fast binaries, low memory usage, much faster execution times, etc.
  6. Golang will allow you to write in one code base and that can be used across multiple architectures. This makes Golang applications very portable and can be supported in cross-platform setups. The Golang programs are used by numerous platforms like Linux, Windows, Unix, mobile devices, and BSD versions.  You can deploy Go applications on devices like Raspberry Pi very easily. 
  7. A lot of tools such as Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Chef are written in Go programming language. So extending these tools and creating plugins is easy when you have a working knowledge of Go.
  8. It has a built-in linter that can guide you to adopt the best programming practices with GO and avoid bad design and bugs.
  9. It has auto-generated documents with the help of the feature called GOdoc. 
  10. It has a built-in garbage collector that is managed by itself.


According to the creators of Go, who also happen to be the creator of C++, Go is written as a programming language for the 21st century. Unlike languages like C, Go is built for concurrency and distributed systems from day one. At the same time, unlike other high programming languages, Go is also built for high-performance. These are the reasons why Golang is the best-suited for the application developers in general and system programmers to be specific.


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