Deep Dive into Understanding Functions in Python

Deep Dive into Understanding Functions in Python  Awantik Das
Posted on May 22, 2017, 12:41 p.m.

functions in python

Please note: All the code are executed in Python 2.7.

1. Function definition taking two arguments & returning one

 def fun(arg1,arg2):

      return arg1 + '  ' + arg2


   OUTPUT>> Hello World

2. Function definition with Default Arguments

   def default_fun( name, location = 'Bangalore'):

        print  name, location

   default_fun('zekelabs', 'Mumbai')

   OUTPUT>> zekelabs Mumbai


   OUTPUT>> zekelabs Bangalore

   PS: Default arguments can be only at end of function definition. No non-default arguments can be after default arguments

3. Function definition with keyword-based arguments

    def keyword_func( name, location, gender ):

          print name, location, gender

   keyword_func(location='Bangalore', name='Jill', gender='male')

   PS: Order of arguments in a function call doesn't matter. This is very useful with large number of function arguments

   OUTPUT>> Jill Bangalore male

5. Function definition for variable arguments - accepting argument as a tuple

    def varargs_func( *args ):

         for arg in args:

             print arg, # This will print all the arguments passed to the function


    varargs_func('Jack','Jill','went', 'to','Malabar','hill')

    OUTPUT>> Jack Jill went to Malabar hill

    varargs_func('Raja', 'and', 'Rancho')

    OUTPUT>> Raja and Rancho

6. Function definition for unpacking - passing list/tuple as argument

   def unpacking_args_func(name,location,gender):
          print name,location,gender

   info = ['Zekelabs','Bangalore','male']
   unpacking_args_func( *info )  #passing list

   OUTPUT>>Zekelabs Bangalore male

7. Function definition for accepting key-value pair as a dictionary. You will see lot of use cases in Python frameworks code like Django 

 def kwargs_func(**kwargs):
       #kwargs is a dictionary. We can fetch data by kwargs['key'] as well
       for k,v in kwargs.items():
            print 'Key ',k, ' : ','Value ',v



  Key price : Value 1000
  Key name : Value Zekelabs
  Key location : Value Bangalore

8. Function definition for unpacking when a dictionary is passed.

    Pass a dictionary and make sure all keys are arguments in function

   def kwargs_unpack_func(name,location,price):
           print name,location,price

   kwargs = {'name':'Awantik','location':'Bangalore','price':2000}


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