How should I start learning Python?

How should I start learning Python?  Awantik Das
Posted on May 22, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

Learning python the best way

If this is the question in your mind, you have already started to fall in love with Python. Technical learning should be always layered. Start with the easiest book like Think Python & end with bible like Learning Python. In Python, there is always deep concepts of every topic. Read Think Python for high-level Python understanding & later get deeper using Learning Python. From my personal experience of teaching, you may follow the following steps to get yourself into next stage. 

1. Use Python interpreter to learn fundamentals quickly. To learn about string utilities use help(str).

2. Explore other data structures like list,set & dict using help(list), help(dict) & help(set) respectively.

3. Learn about Python Object Model - Generally, this is given in last chapters of books but this is why Python behaves the way it does. Read here

4. Time to start using IDE like Sublime Text & write control flows using if, else, while, for.

5. Don't forget to learn about the 'in' operator. 

6. Learn about defining various types of function definitions - very handy in learning object-oriented programming & frameworks like Django. Read here

7. Plug into Object Oriented Programming - define class, create objects, constructors, member functions, static variables, static functions, inheritance. 

8. Go a mile further - Iterators, Generators, Lambda, Modules, Functional Programming - Map, Filter, Reduce 

9. Please Note: This is just the beginning. Happy Journey with Python till you tie the knot with it.

Awantik Das is a Technology Evangelist and is currently working as a Corporate Trainer. He has already trained more than 3000+ Professionals from Fortune 500 companies that include companies like Cognizant, Mindtree, HappiestMinds, CISCO and Others. He is also involved in Talent Acquisition Consulting for leading Companies on niche Technologies. Previously he has worked with Technology Companies like CISCO, Juniper and Rancore (A Reliance Group Company)

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