Practical use cases of AI in Business

Practical use cases of AI in Business  zekeLabs
Posted on July 3, 2020, 2:11 p.m.

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most fascinating and bears much of the future in it. In fact, AI is the future of technology and businesses. Artificial intelligence with allied technologies like machine learning makes it possible for machines to improve themselves, adapt themselves to new information, and execute jobs that only humans can do. From chess-playing computers to self-driving cars, most of the examples of practical use of AI – depend largely on deep learning and language processing. Adopting AI technologies, computers can be oriented to complete specific assignments by understanding patterns in the data and analyzing loads of data

The business landscape has seen some astonishing changes since the induction of Artificial Intelligence various levels. Started just as desired automation is now competent in simulating human dealings. It is not only the potentials like humans that make artificial intelligence distinctive. A progressive AI algorithm gives much more acceleration and dependability at a much shorter cost in contradiction to its human companions.

In this article, we will see some of the practical applications of AI in the business sector. Stay tuned and read about the avenues discovered in the field of AI:

Practical uses of AI in Business


1. Improving workplace communication

Contemporary communication in businesses is overstuffed with content, channels, tools, and so-called explanations, thwarting individuals, and even companies, of completing sale targets also distressing the balance in work life. Artificial Intelligence will encourage businesses to improve the internal transmission of information and external too by facilitating personalization for each individual, enabling increased concentration and greater productivity.

Each professional will be endowed, due credits to the intelligent virtual helper, taking care of useless or repeatable duties, thus saves time by realizing the needs and goals of your organization, in addition, it suggests the best alternative that can be considered to use time much more effectively, without needing any added efforts. From small to large scale, business techniques will enrich, employees will clear their tasks, and stress may decrease and thus improving the innovation.


2. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence remains on the top in technological peace, improving its induction into other fields such as business, healthcare, and gaming.  Chatbots powered by AI in businesses have seen an increase in people getting more satisfied with AI. It can certainly prosper businesses in contradiction to what is generally said, it will decrease jobs for humans. From a logical stance, AI can be included in work to alter how they obtain and comprehend data.

In particular, chatbots are forever on, providing flexible and smart information by means of chats on mobile devices using basic messaging mechanisms and voice-enabled platforms. This significantly decreases the time to gather data for all business customers. This speeds up the business processes and facilitates the way technical analysts use their time, equipping corporations for the evolving data expectations of time to come.

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3. AI in e-commerce

Providing a competitive edge, Artificial Intelligence is here for e-commerce companies. It is readily evolving to be available to businesses of any volume or account. Taking forward machine learning, AI software itself organizes, labels, and visually inquires content by describing features of the products in the form of video and audio.

AI enables customers to discover related products in various ways, be it size, color, shape, or products of the brand. AI is enriching the pictorial abilities by passing time. By first collecting pictorial suggestions from the uploaded images, the software can itself help the customer in discovering the product they wish. Many e-commerce merchants are becoming more sophisticated already with their AI skills, and it can only be reduced to grow in the future.


4. Management of Human Resources

HR and recruitment work in every company is going to affect greatly and irrevocably by AI and Machine learning and this is going to be the best. As a matter of fact, HR is apt to be one of the primary areas of the company that will look for assistance from AI for two simple reasons. First, there are lots of prime ranges of data in HR, and the second, HR is one portion of any business that is essential and also still realizes the apprehension of time.

Artificial Intelligence is very well capable of taking out all of the bad aspects of the job of every HR professional. In addition, HR transmits influential tools and ideas are a bonus to make their work better. The automatic creation of top quality data by AI and the tremendous advantages of AI makes it one of the first positions to experience the new industrial rejuvenation.


5. Healthcare sector 

Artificial intelligence is deemed to have a huge influence on the healthcare industry and the directions in which healthcare-related organizations employ AI. 

AI can help our applications to analyze the data collected from patients to improve patient treatments to an even bigger level. AI can provide trustworthiness, consistency, and predictability with patient security. AI, assigned to software is directed as an augmentation tool, but it is necessary to have human interaction to prevent blunders. However, AI technology can never fully replace doctors and nurses but can make their work more productive and easy on the job, dividing the burden of work. 

And there are many areas where AI is being applied, making work and lives so much easier. You can read more about them here.

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