Machine Learning using R-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

Machine Learning using R Training

Machine Learning using R Course: Machine Learning is one of the most sought after skillset in current industry. Pre-requisite for course is descent understanding of R. Math Foundation & data working skillset can be learnt in Here, one will learn supervised machine learning like - regression & classification. Unsupervised algorithm like kmeans & many more. Data preprocessing is discussed here to make analysis much better. It's a complete hand's on course with lot of emphasis on code write & industry level project development. More than 5 projects will be shared with learners
Machine Learning using R-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
Machine Learning using R-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
Industry Level Projects
Machine Learning using R-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs

Machine Learning using R Course Curriculum

information-based learning, similarity-based learning, probability-based learning, and error-based learning.
Analyze Data: Understand the information available that will be used to develop a model.
Evaluate Algorithms: Develop a robust test harness and baseline accuracy from which to improve and spot check algorithms.
Present Results: Describe the problem and solution so that it can be understood by third parties.
Model identification
Model validation
Diagnostic tests
Cross validation
Diagnostic tests
Step-wise function -selecting variables
Preparing data for KNN & SVM
Validation models
CART Trees introduction
Plotting tree
Introduction to K-Means Clustering
Plotting results
Introduction to dimension reduction
Principle components
Combine Model Predictions Into Ensemble Predictions
Increase The Accuracy Of Your Models
Stacking Algorithms
Introduction to Feed Forward network
Implementing ANN and CNN
Plotting results

Frequently Asked Questions

We have options for classroom-based as well as instructor led live online training. The online training is live and the instructors screen will be visible and voice will be audible. Your screen will also be visible and you can ask queries during the live session.

The training on "Machine Learning using R" course is a hands-on training. All the code and exercises will be done in the live sessions. Our batch sizes are generally small so that personalized attention can be given to each and every learner.

We will provide course-specific study material as the course progresses. You will have lifetime access to all the code and basic settings needed for this "Machine Learning using R" through our GitHub account and the study material that we share with you. You can use that for quick reference

Feel free to drop a mail to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest for your queries on "Machine Learning using R" course.

We have tie-ups with a number of hiring partners and and placement assistance companies to whom we connect our learners. Each "Machine Learning using R" course ends with career consulting and guidance on interview preparation.

Minimum 2-3 projects of industry standards on "Machine Learning using R" will be provided.

Yes, we provide course completion certificate to all students. Each "Machine Learning using R" training ends with training and project completion certificate.

You can pay by card (debit/credit), cash, cheque and net-banking. You can also pay in easy installments. You can reach out to us for more information.

We take pride in providing post-training career consulting for "Machine Learning using R".

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Machine Learning using R-training-in-bangalore-by-zekelabs
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